Moving from Theory to Practice

Religious Educators in the Classroom

In a time of profound cultural change, Religious Education – as a discipline in Catholic schools – is challenged to find new ways of engaging with young people. Whilst theoretical reflection is important, it is critical to establish forums where religious educators are able to share what they are doing in their classrooms and with the young people in their care. It is in a classroom setting that the encounter and dialogue, which are at the heart of the gospel message, can readily come alive.

Moving from Theory to Practice shares the diverse experiences of RE practitioners across Australia who are working at the grassroots of Catholic education today. It is a celebration of their passion and dedication and a reflection of the quality of classroom practice as a response to changing circumstances.

It is our hope that this book provides a forum where the transition from Religious Education theory to vibrant classroom practice can be established and further explored.

“This book could not be more timely. For too long, and in too many places, academic reflection on RE, ecclesial frameworks for the subject and advanced practice in the classroom have functioned in a tri-partite rather than tri-une manner. In gathering the insights of impressive contributors, the editors not only demonstrate the creative vitality of RE in their national context, they model an inter-dependent vision of RE which has relevance for dioceses, theologians and practitioners across the globe.“

Prof Anthony Towey, Aquinas Centre for Theological Literacy, St Mary’s University