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Pioneering faith-based leadership and professional
learning for Australian Catholic educators

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Exploring the need for Catholic educators
to become ‘grassroots’ theologians.

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Catholicising the entire formal curriculum
- what is involved and why it is vital

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Matching the strategic and operational
elements of Church leadership with a deep
and contemporary commitment to mission.

Vaughan Publishing is a leading Catholic education innovator, strongly supporting mission in and the future development of  Catholic education in Australia. 

The Mission and Education Series

The purpose of the Mission and Education Series is to explore aspects of contemporary Catholic education in the light of: the Church’s official teaching on mission, and the experience of those who attempt to embrace this mission in their personal and professional lives.

Clarifies for educators the recontextualisation of faith in a time of deep change.

Catholic educators are invited to reflect on, and critique, their assumptions about pedagogy and learning.

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Explores the challenges and opportunities that emerging contexts provide for old paradigms, and what needs to change.

Catholic educators explore a new model of formation that is responsive to our time and place!

Be inspired with new ways of linking faith and your educational mission!

Learn how to put the Catholic back into Catholic schools. Written for everyone involved in Catholic teaching and education.

Bring about deep change in your school and create a truly holistic Catholic curriculum. Vital reading for all Catholic school educators.

Take your school leadership to the next level with a deeper understanding of the Church’s mission.

Educator’s Guide Series

Vaughan Publishing’s Educator’s Guides are designed to provide easily accessible information on current mission-in-practice issues that are experienced in Catholic education. Learn from the excellent mission-in-practice work currently being done by teachers in Catholic schools all around the country!

Explores the potentially transforming power of Service Learning which occurs when learning is linked to the culture and curriculum of the school community.

A valuable resource for leaders wishing to guide others through the multifaceted and complex experience of immersion for mission.

Assists educators to enhance vision and commitment through reflection on their current practice.

Patricia Hindmarsh​ celebrates the efforts educators from across Australia and New Zealand are making to integrate faith into differing curriculum

A practical guide for leaders and leadership teams in Catholic schools.

More Vaughan Titles

Other titles recently released by Vaughan Publishing.

Shares the diverse experiences of RE practitioners across Australia to provide a forum where the transition from Religious Education theory to vibrant classroom practice can be established and explored.

For those involved in religious education, this book will provide an enhanced understanding of key issues and how these shape teaching and curriculum planning.