Vaughan Publishing

Vaughan Publishing was created in 2010, by BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education and Garratt Publishing, with the realisation that both organisations shared the same vision and mission – to support Catholic education in Australia as it strives to fulfil its mission and integrate and embed Catholic identity in modern-day Catholic teachers and students.

BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education, one of Australia’s leading Catholic education providers and Garratt Publishing, Australia’s leading provider of faith-based resources established Vaughan Publishing to foster collaborative work in producing cutting-edge materials and resources for Australia’s Catholic educational leaders and teachers.

Vaughan Publishing’s objective is to produce material which is of influential, of exceptional quality, forward-thinking, contemporary and strongly supports mission in education.

All work, produced by Vaughan will be created by highly-respected, Australian, faith and education pioneers, who demonstrate passion to improve and enrich Catholic education, primarily in Australia, but also beyond.

Vaughan Publishing – why the name?

The name Vaughan Publishing was selected to honour Archbishop Roger Vaughan (1834-1883) who came to Australia, from England in 1873 and who demonstrated great leadership in setting up a Catholic education system in an environment of great change. Archbishop Vaughan was a friend and patron of Mother Mary MacKillop and supported her and her initiatives. He contributed enormously towards the development of an ‘Australian’ Catholicism and played an important part in the construction of two of Australia’s iconic Catholic buildings.

BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education

BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education (BBI – TAITE) is a specialist tertiary online-distance Catholic theological education provider. In 2010, BBI – TAITE affiliated with the University of Newcastle to deliver the richest suite of tertiary theological programs in Australia.a

Garratt Publishing

Garratt Publishing is Australia’s leading provider of religious resources. The company is passionate about furthering the mission of Jesus Christ, particularly in relation to education in Australia, but also around the world. Garratt Publishing prides itself on having an innovative publishing division who continuously monitors the needs of schools, parishes and individuals and publishes state-of-the art resources to meet their needs. In addition, the company scans the world for additional cutting-edge material to ensure that Australian Catholics have the world’s best resources to further their faith and spiritual journeys.