An Educator’s Guide to Immersion for Mission

Formation and Transformation through Immersion

This Educator’s Guide to Immersion for Mission provides a unique insight into the multifaceted and complex experience of immersion. Theoretical and theological perspectives, personal experiences and practical examples offer a singular lens through which to view immersion in the context of mission, while at the same time presenting helpful suggestions, frameworks and direction for leaders involved in planning and facilitating immersion trips.

The guide is intended for use by diocesan system leaders, religious institutes, public juridic persons, school leadership teams, mission leaders, social justice coordinators and all those involved in building and strengthening partnerships with rural, remote, indigenous and Majority World communities.

It is anticipated the guide will provide a valuable resource for those wishing to undertake the process of leading others through an experience of personal encounter and cross-cultural engagement, with the ultimate aim of enlivening God’s mission in the world today.

About Monica Dutton

Dr Monica Dutton is currently the Spirituality and Mission Animation Leader for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. She has extensive experience in Catholic education, working as a teacher, leader and consultant in primary, secondary and tertiary settings. She has postgraduate qualifications in Educational Psychology and Religious Education and has focused more recently on formation and professional learning for staff.