Nurturing Hearts and Transforming Possibilities

The Mission and Education series of exploratory studies aims to open up conversation about various elements of the educational process. This conversation explores how each contributes to the mission of Jesus within the context of the ministry of education in schools. Over the years, various authors have contributed to this conversation focusing on such areas as curriculum, formation, leadership, and charism.

Every day teachers make decisions about how they intend ‘to make a difference’ for the students they teach, and so realise the hopes they had in becoming teachers. Most of these decisions are not made consciously, but ‘on the run’. They are often dictated by the culture of the society, or the culture of the school or school system, in which teachers are employed.

Together with integrity, competence, and an understanding heart, pedagogies remain central to the success of the project of Catholic educators who endeavour to implement for their students the transforming vision of Jesus. In this study, Jim and Therese D’Orsa seek to stimulate and resource the deep and focussed conversations needed for the creation and implementation of such pedagogies.


About Jim D’Orsa

Jim D’Orsa’s contributions to Catholic education include teaching and senior leadership in Catholic schools and systems. He pioneered the preparation of lay leaders to take responsibility for the vision and mission of colleges, and has extensive experience in reviewing large systems and in pastoral planning. Jim is currently associate professor at BBI-TAITE where he specialises in teaching, research and writing in the areas of mission, leadership and theology.

About Therese D’Orsa

Therese D’Orsa is currently Professor of Mission and Culture at BBI-TAITE. She has a long experience of leadership in schools and school systems, and in adult education, and has taught in a range of tertiary institutions, both universities and theologates. Therese has led major projects in mission, education and justice. She has written widely on mission and education and has pioneered the Mission and Education project of which she is the Commissioning Editor.