Jim D’Orsa is a Catholic educator with an extensive history of teaching and senior leadership in schools and systems. He was a pioneer in preparing lay leaders to take on the development of vision and mission in Catholic colleges. Jim lectures at The Broken Bay Institute, is a visiting lecturer at Yarra Theological Union, and research associate of the MCD University of Divinity.


Therese D’Orsa is a Catholic missiologist and educational leaders who has exercised a wide range of leadership roles in Catholic education systems and has taught in several tertiary institutions. She is currently Conjoint Professor of the University of Newcastle and The Broken Bay Institute, a visiting lecturer at the Yarra Theological Union, and an honorary fellow of Australian Catholic University.


Dr. Paul Sharkey is the Director of Catholic Identity and Educational Services at the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne, a current member of the ACARA Board, and previously State Director of Catholic Education, SA. He holds a PhD, with extensive postgraduate studies in theology, education, program evaluation, educational leadership and management. He is particularly interested in exploring issues of identity and culture in the Catholic sector as he believes they have a particular significance for schools at this time.